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We will be closed on Saturday through Monday of Labor Day Weekend.

Call Ahead and Order Items

Call ahead (336-4721) to have items placed in 7th Street entryway. We can deliver to your car (more than 15 minutes before closing).

Please allow an hour to fill your order.

How to Return Items

Materials will be returned via bookdrop. Covers will be sanitized & materials will be quarantined for 48 hours.

Other Things to Know

Public computers are not available.

Patrons can enter the building to apply for or renew a library card.

The library will be closed on Saturdays. (Fines do not accrue on the days we are closed.)

Use Our Wireless Internet

Wi-fi is available outside. The password is 5803364721

Will begin on June 1st. We won’t have face to face programming this year (Boo, Hiss, Hiss) but we will have weekly bags with crafts and other ideas. We will being SRP on June 1st. That is the magic day that we open our doors and allow patrons into the library to select their own materials. When you sign up for SRP you will get a mood pencil; SRP: allows you to ear prized for the time that you read. On Mondays, you can collect a bag with a craft and other ideas.

Imagine Your Story
2020 Summer Reading Program