Quality Resources on the Web

Government Sites:

Oh yeah.  Everyone loves taxes.  But, it is really best to pay them and avoid Uncle Sam.  We have the links for the IRS as well as the state of Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Finding a Job and Career Opportunities:

Finding a job is tricky.  Use Glassdoor to search for jobs by location and type of job. Past and current employees also rate the company as an employer. Normally, there is a fee and subscription service to use Glassdoor, but if you enter through our website, the information is free.

  • Get the real scoop on what an employer is like from current and past employees.
  • Find out pay scales.
  • Read what the job interview is like from other applicants.

Occupational Outlook Handbook is one of my favorite websites. It is a government website and tells everything you need to know about an occupation.  What is the starting salary? What is the highest salary? How much education do you need?  Do you need to go to certain colleges or universities with accreditation in your field?  What will be growth be in the field?  What is the job really like?

Consumer Information

piggy bank

This site is made to replace looking at all the sales circulars that arrive in the newspaper.  Need to buy a dryer, digital camera or laptop?  Find out which merchants have items on sale.  This site is great on Black Friday and will help make you a savvy shopper.

Dave Ramsey is a wonderful financial guru.  He has great ideas on which type of life insurance to buy as well as how to get out of debt.   Dave calls debt reduction a financial snowball.

Are you buying a house or automobile?  You need an online amortization table.

Financial Information and Retirement Planning

Perhaps you are thinking about retiring.  How much money will you need?  Financial Engines will allow you to calculate how much you need to save to reach your goals.  This site is free, but more detailed information is available for a fee.

About.com – Retirement allows you to plan where you want to live and it also has financial advice.  Get the skinny on IRA’s and retirement planning by decade.